Underway Studio
Illustration and Print Making Collective


Collaborative Work

Art Deco prints

Private commission to create a series of prints depicting the hustle and bustle of an energetic mid-century New York. Focusing on the art deco influence within architecture and the shapes presented throughout the city. Culminating in a large scale print and supporting scenes.


Ecotopia is an installation exploring the appeal of Utopian thinking in envisaging a sustainable and better future for our planet and society. The installation brings together the work of illustrators and designers to showcase the visions of leading experts in the field of climate change. Ecotopia has shown at London Design Festival 2016, Biannale Interieur Belgium and the University of Porto. All illustrations are a collaboration between Aiden Barefoot, Caitlin Parks, Melissa North, Rosalind Woodman and Toby Downham. 



An ongoing project of silkscreen illustrations celebrating the city that is home to Underway Studio.